Plan your day in advance. Simply and elegantly.

Mockup of iphone
Mockup of iphone

Work efficiently. Keep track of everything and finish early.

Earn a lot by being organized.

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Be faster with the right tools

01 Inbox

Quickly scan the most important things of the day.

02 Clients

Work in an organized manner with your clients. See the work , your progress and the deadline to deliver efficiently and on time.

03 Portal

A place you can share with your client to manage deadlines and invoices seamlessly.

04 Brand

Show your Portfolio, your Social Media links and testamonials to impress potential clients.

05 Hubs

Stay focused when working in these dedicated sections.

06 Finances

A detailed look on your finances to keep track of everything and determine which purchases were beneficial.

07 Social Media

Structure your process to make people become interested in your work.

08 Goal Tracker

Set yourself clear goals you want to achieve in a specific time.

09 Jobs

A complete dashboard to manage your clients, visualize your progress and not miss deadlines.

10 Resources

Sort, filter and read your articles, blog posts or videos.

11 Book Tracker

List all of the books you are reading and have read , give a review and take notes on them.

12 Journal

Review and reflect on what went well today.

The complete system.

Multiple color variations


Fully responsive


Even on Mobile

Single ipad

Get instant access and manage your Freelance business with ease


Pay once, use forever




  • Complete Freelance OS

  • Lifetime access to updates

  • For individuals




  • Complete Freelance OS

  • Lifetime access to updates

  • For Agencies ( 5+ seats)

Questions ? Answers.

Who is the Freelance OS for ?

The product is for Freelancers who want to have an all-in-one system for managing their freelancing business.

Is the payment secure ?

Yes, it is. The payment is secured by SSL with 128-bit encryption and processed with PCI Compliant service providers.

What payment options get accepted ?

You can pay with VISA ( including VISA Electron), Mastercard , AMEX, Discover , Maestro , Diner's , Apple and Google Pay and most debit cards.

Can I apply for Non-profit, NGO, and educational discounts?

Yes, that's possible. If you fit the description above, send a discount request here using your official NGO or student email address.

How do I start using the OS ?

After your purchase, you will find a link to a Notion page. From there on, you can install Notion ( it is free ) and duplicate the template into your own Notion. All of this is explained in a video you will find after the purchase so don't worry.

I know nothing about Notion, can I still use the OS ?

Of course. After your purchase, you will find a 10 minute video which introduces you to Notion and it's key features. You will also find a 10 minute video which explains the entire Operating System and how you can start using it. So getting started it fairly simple.

Can I share the OS ?

No, only people who bought the OS shall use it. Of course, you can recommend it to people or even join the affiliate program to earn 30% on every sale you send our way.

How do I receive future updates ?

You will receive future updates via email.

What if I still have questions ?

No problem, just contact us directly here

Questions after a purchase ?

No problem, we are always there to help you. Every question you have will be answered by us.

Got a business ?

Then go for the Business version with added features for multiple people.

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Mockup of iphone

Unsure ? Get weekly insights about the OS and Freelancing in general.

Want to have some passive income ? Get 30% on every sale you refer to.


Love it ? Tell your friends about it and get a free template for every sale you refer to.

Ready to manage your Freelancing business with ease ?

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